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Welcome and Keep Coming Back!

The Kitchen Table Group meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the new fire hall located at 822 Irvin Garrish Hwy.  Parking and entrance are located in the rear of the building.

Ocracoke 47th Annual AA Jamboree

November 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2020

The Kitchen Table Group looks forward to welcoming you to Ocracoke for the 47th Annual

AA Jamboree! There are NO registration fees, and all you need to do to register is show up! However, you will need to find your own place to stay while you are on the island. Many people like to come early and enjoy the entire week on the island and because of this, our regular meetings on Monday (11/02/2020) and Wednesday (11/04/2020) will shift locations to the school gym. All Jamboree meetings are held in the school gym with the exception of the beach meeting (weather permitting). 

Jamboree Meeting Schedule


Monday 11/02/2020 & Wednesday 11/04/2020, 7:30p - Regular fire hall meetings shift locations to the Ocracoke School Gym.

Thursday - 11/5/2020, 8:00p - "Get Acquainted Meeting" - Open

Friday        - 11/6/2020, 4:00p - Beach Meeting - Located at the Ocracoke Lifeguard Beach 

                      - 11/6/2020, 8:00p - Speaker Meeting - Open

Saturday  - 11/7/2020, 1:00p - "Open Discussion Meeting" 

                      - 11/7/2020, 2:30p - "Open Al-Anon Meeting" 

                      - 11/7/20120, 8:00p - Speaker Meeting with Sobriety Countdown - Open 

If you have questions regarding the jamboree, please let us know.

Thanks! Message sent.

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