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Welcome and Keep Coming Back!

The fire hall is currently being used as the Emergency Operations Center for Hurricane Dorian Relief. Regular meetings are temporarily moved to different times and locations here on the island. If you are on the island and would like to attend our regular meeting, please use the contact us form below to find out when and where our next regular meeting will be held. 

We regret to inform you that the Kitchen Table Group Jamboree scheduled for November 2019, has been CANCELLED.

As you probably know, Ocracoke Island was devastated by Hurricane Dorian in early September. The hotels, all the restaurants, the grocery store, and many rental houses received significant damage. The school, post office, bank, health center were all flooded and are unavailable for use. At the time of this writing, 400 of the 900 residences in the village are without power pending repair and inspection and no visitors are being allowed on the island.

Thank you all for the many calls of support and offers of books, literature, etc. 

The Jamboree is the major fundraising event for the Kitchen Table Group. We distribute the money collected in the baskets to the school, the fire department, the District, the Region, and the National organizations. While the Kitchen Table Group has not incurred any direct financial losses, we could use your small donation for the above contributions.

We have discussed this and we do not want or need a lot of money. But if you are so inclined, consider sending a check in the amount that you would have put in the basket during the jamboree—5 meetings at one or two dollars per meeting would be $10. Mail checks to: 

Kitchen Table Group, 
PO Box 506, 
Ocracoke, NC 27960

We are doing well and working to restore our homes and community to normal.

Watch our website for more updates. We hope to see you next November! 

Contact Us:

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